Jasman Construction, Inc.

Built With Pride

     Quality • Service • Professionalism

  Jasman Construction has been involved with many challenging projects since its inception in 1979; from high-end interiors to hi-rise exteriors, and everything in between. As president of Jasman, I've been fortunate to have employed the best commercial carpenters and tapers. Further, I'm proud to say that most of my foremen have been with Jasman for an average of 15 to 20 years. Our foremen start out as apprentices and journeymen, developing into leaders and passing on their knowledge and experience to the newer recruits.

     “To ensure a project’s success you must first eliminate the thousand things that can go wrong”… From the moment I heard these words of wisdom from my late friend and mentor, Fred Jeschke, I’ve tried to apply his philosophy to running Jasman Construction. To that end, my office staff’s primary goal is to prevent any potential problems on a project. From bidding to close out, they provide the needed support for Jasman's field personnel and our customers; helping to make every project not only successful but enjoyable as well.

Lee F. Jasinski, President