Jasman Construction, Inc.

Built With Pride

  4-11 Lofts
                                                                       Architect:   Meier Group Architects
C.M.:       Granger Construction                         Location:    Ann Arbor, MI


After 4 years of research and development, Jasman has combined lightweight steel framing with all the benefits of precast panels--minus the weight.  These panels weigh 100 lbs/sf less than conventional precast, allowing the superstructure to be down sized.  The framing in this panel allows an airspace at the interior side of the panel which is sprayed with foam insulation.  This forms a lightweight energy efficient Building Enclosure System.

Lightweight concrete panels have been widely used nationwide for 25 years, however the stud attachment system did not meet Jasman's rigorous standards until the development of the
composite energy stud (bottom left photo).

Scope of Work

      •  Supply engineered shop 
         drawings, including structural
         attachments to steel

      •  Fabricate light gage steel
          frames using composite
          structural energy studs
      •  Build forms

      •  Contract with PCI certified
          precaster to cast the panels

      •  Erect panels onsite